I didn’t post for a very long time, so… what is better than this huge shoes event to get back on track again?

Yes, SHOETOPIA is here, and these are some creations I felt in love with from JD by davidefre.

Take a look:


JD – MyFeet


JD – Boheme Boots

Better check them on shoetopia!

‚̧ Di

NEW Closet

Dear friends , we moved!


We’re now at a brand new Closet.


We hope to see you all there ūüôā


CD Team

…should I stay or should I go…

Friday night. Looking outside the window. The city lights, life out there.
I wonder, should I stay or should I go?

I was ready for a night in the city.

This song playing in my stereo.


Style Card:

Shirt: Fri. Longsleeve coop.tee white

Top shirt: Sweetest Goodbye – Highway star white

Pants: Indyra Originals (part of Marquise II Chinese Laquer)

Hats: Coco Woolfelt fedora

Shoes: Flats by LWL


Enjoy your weekend ūüôā


Evian-Egoisme Ryuji Skin

2 new skins releases from Egoisme owned by Ramses Meredith: Ryuji and Syu 

here im presenting Ryuji a great skin rich of details and all it need for give to wear it a “right” touch.

It comes in 3 bases tone: pale,medium and tan but with the support of Vividtone included each tone can be personalized on

over 65000 colour variations, also including hair, body hair and shaved body skins.

Vividtone is a new technique made to enhance the skin tone without the loss of detail for made u appear always cool.

Evian-Egoisme Ryuji skin:medium-pale-tan

pic by  Journey Lorakeet

Evian-Egoisme Ryuji skin:medium-pale-tan

pic by  Journey Lorakeet

Black – if you please…

Two completely different looks, from two amazing designers – both outfits in black.

This first look is based on Aliza Karu’s Designs.¬† [AD Creations] transport me to a state of mind that it’s difficult to express.

For my personality, Aliza’s creations as a SL designer, are challenging and daring. It’s like challenging myself, every time I wear her creations.

Here is Goth Plex Dress by Aliza Karu

Still using the black colour, in a completely different style and context,¬† here is Modern Gypsy‘s Messiah Gown, by Micah Kanto!

Micah has a style of his own! I just hope I did some justice to this (apparently simple) black Messiah Gown.


Note: to read  with a glass of champagne in one hand and this voice!

*hugss* from Sea~~

EGOISME pret a porter- sweaters

Egoisme owned by Ramses Meredith just releases new sweaters collection, they are very well done,trendy and avaiable in a big numbers of colours

from classical black or white but also pink,purple or blue  so each taste is satisfied!

and also avaiable in double version: long without attache prims needed or short with 2 different styles

of bottom prims…..really a “must” for cold weather incoming…….im going to show you white version here but all range of colours avaiable need to be worn!!!


EGOISME pret a porter- sweaters-white version

EGOISME pret a porter- sweaters-white version

EGOISME pret a porter- sweaters-white version

Baiastice Autum 2011 New Collection

I guess you all saw it being presented on MODAVIA Fashion Week! And I bet you all get stoned by it!

Baiastice never stop impressing us, and those are some of the new collection outfits [Thank you Sissy Pessoa <3]

<style details next>

Outfit: Baiastice – Grifha in red

Outfit: Baiastice – Ethel in Emerald

Outfit: Baiastice – Alexander in white/pink


All hairs and shoes are from Baiastice as well.  Shoes are from new collection as well, called Baiastice РNicki Ankle Boots, and they come in several colors !

All Poses are from CORPUS