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Dear friends , we moved!


We’re now at a brand new Closet.


We hope to see you all there ūüôā


CD Team


Black – if you please…

Two completely different looks, from two amazing designers – both outfits in black.

This first look is based on Aliza Karu’s Designs.¬† [AD Creations] transport me to a state of mind that it’s difficult to express.

For my personality, Aliza’s creations as a SL designer, are challenging and daring. It’s like challenging myself, every time I wear her creations.

Here is Goth Plex Dress by Aliza Karu

Still using the black colour, in a completely different style and context,¬† here is Modern Gypsy‘s Messiah Gown, by Micah Kanto!

Micah has a style of his own! I just hope I did some justice to this (apparently simple) black Messiah Gown.


Note: to read  with a glass of champagne in one hand and this voice!

*hugss* from Sea~~

Rocking The Grids

… I was checking some stores … and in fact i found nothing new in some of the famous brands in SL , but some eye-catching items got my attention ; so I decided to combine them into an outfit … enjoy !!!


Rocking The Grids

Landmire Ireman is wearing : ( from top to toe)

HAT: [NC]-Casquette02-[OnlyCap]


JACKET: Patch shirts +hood/Red+grasp+

SHIRT: [NSD] BonJour Tank


SHORTS: RONSEM* Cargo11 / beige

BOOTS: ::GB:: Leather Bootie Brown



She’s back!

ALEIDA RHODE is back on track with a great new summery collection! It’s called mini nautical collection 2011! Aleida is a denmark, the sea is very close wherever she goes and she got her inspiration by thinking of it and the result is this MINI NAUTICAL COLLECTION 2011.

All items are totally brand new!

Here’s the preview of one of the items you can find on the store!

If you are ultra fan of the sea and summer this is the right collection for you!

Shoes and Shades are ALEIDA items too!

Please visit ALEIDA MAINSTORE and see what she has more to offer you!




Ty Ale ‚̧

The Grid Explorer…

In fact , I was insomniac last night ; didn’t know exactly what to do after a very long day … but I decided to just combine some items from different stores. Inspired with the idea of exploring new places, I chose some items that would reflect the idea like the messenger bag , compass …etc

Enjoy the new style ūüôā



The Grid Explorer

From head to Toe

Hair: …Scars… Hair¬† Yotuba [Brown]

Shades: Reek – Classic Aviators

Necklace: [MANDALA]Mens SINRA Necklace/vintage Gold

Scarf: ::: B@R ::: Survivor Scarf

Shirt: …Scars…Cache-coeur Catsaw-WB [Pink]

Bag: HOC – Leather messenger bag – Brown


Belt: [MANDALA]Mikoto Belt/BLACK/MALE (gold)

Shorts: +grasp+ Leather sarrouel shorts/Brown/

Sandals: SEY Tong / Male sandals/brown


Tune: (Breaking Benjamin – Blow Me Away)

Winter Isn’t So Far …

¬† ¬† I know that we all are still enjoying the sun and the breezes of the ocean/sea; but in fact I felt that I’m missing the cold weather that bad! Looking around for some new releases through out many stores in the grid, I found some cool pieces which have been calling me to combine them together for the sake of looking good!!!

For the sake of making a balance, Diconay Boa was asked to present the female version.


From head to Toe

Hat:  {mon tissu} Wool-Lined Deerstalker ~ Brown

Shades: Lelutka – Circacia (edited in black)

Hair: Maitreya Green II – Browns Pack (chocolate)

Jacket: >>>Poison<<< ElPoblao jacket_black_PROMO

Tank top: AOHARU_BT_DeepVNeckTank_White

Belt:[MANDALA]Mikoto Belt/BLACK/MALE ( gold buckle)

Pants: [NSD] Chinos/Black

Shoes: ::GB:: Leather Bootie Black ( group gift)


From head to Toe

Hat:  LeLutka -ANZHELINA hat/BW

Shades: Lelutka – Circacia (edited in green)

Necklace: Mandala – Takayama / Black

Hair: Maitreya Jordyn – Chocolate

Jacket: DeLa – Flight Jacket “Brook” Black

Gloves: DIRAM – NOA (part of an outfit)

Shirt: Glam Affair- Willow (part of an outfit)

Pants: LeLutka – MINNUTARY pants / dark

Shoes: Surf Couture – Olea Boots – Black


Tune : Requiem for a Dream – Clint Mansell

The Mens 24

The Mens 24
August 19th-27th, 2011

24 Menswear Designers...
4 Amazing Hair Designers...
4 Wonderful Skin Artists...
4 Fabulous Accessory Designers...
1 Week...

Only one thing to decide....
Will you be an Individual?

KMADD, Menstuff, and Virtual World Network along with Siren Productions 
are excited to bring you The Men 24. 
This wonderful event takes place August 19th-27th, 2011. 
24 amazing menswear designers have come together by invitation only 
to create Exclusive Limited Edition Outfits. 
Joining them are 4 prominent Skin Designers, 4 Accessory Designers,
and 4 Hair Designers creating limited edition exclusive hair, 
skins, and accessories all for the gentlemen of Second Life!

Join us for an opening fashion show on August 19th, 2011 11am-12pm SL 
as we display all of the Exclusive Limited Edition Outfits 
on the Runway as Virtual World Network films the entire 
show to be Broadcast on their network. 
If you missed it the first time we will repeat 
the entire show August 24th, 2011 6-7pm SL. 
We have a load of treats instore including industry parties 
with all of our Media Partners KMADD, Avenue, Maniera, Scruplz, 
Peoplz, ICON, Too Sexy. Secondnights, and Pure Magazine.
Wonderful exclusive fashion shows, entertainers, 
and great events are just 
the tip of the ice berg!

Be distinctive, show your own personal style, and be original! 
All of the outfits you see will
be up for sale with only 107 being produced. 
100 to be sold to the general public, 
5 for bloggers & magazines, and 2 for models. 
You can find more details on the event including, 
biographies of the designer, headshots, calendar, 
and all the latest details
at Second Nights.

Menswear Designers
1. Shiki
Designer: Shinichi Mathy
2. The Black Canary
Designer: Morrigan Denimore
3. Egoisme
Designer: Ramses Meredith
4. Legal Insanity
Designer: DATRIP Blackbart
5. Gabriel
Designer: Takuya Jinn
6. Connors
Designer: Salah Axel
7. A:S:S
Designers: Photos Nikolaidis & Storm Torvalar
8. Mohna Lisa Couture:
Designer: Mohna Lisa
9. Gizza Creations
Designers: Giz Seorn & Auster Elan
10. Vitamen
Designer: Vitamen Hax
11. The Brocade Tiger
Designer: Lexi Vargas
12. Rfyre
Designer: Raven Pennyfeather
13. Baiastice
Designer: Sissy Pessoa
14. FA Creations
Designer: Halieetus Westland
15. Vero Modero
Designer: Bouquet Babii
16. Zanzo
Designer: Theodore Ducasse
17. Razorblade Jacket:
Designer: Kehl Razor
18. Lazybum:
Designer: Luciano Enoch
19. Blackswan
Designer: Phillip Dolliner
20. Evoke
Designer: Atomicsparkle Skytower
21. Menlosophy
Designer: Ziamela Loon
22. Harding & Dobbs English Tailor
Designer: Stetson Lane
23. Faster Pussycat
Designer: Honey Bender
24. House of Europe
Designer: Didier Rascon

Skin Designers
1. Belleza
Designer: Tricky Boucher
2. Lavie
Designer: Pompeja Rossini
3. Prodigal
Designer: Ry0ta Exonar
4. Rock Candy
Designer: Maliske Misfit

Hair Designers
1. Anaphora
Designer: Nishant Zobovic
Designer: Maddox Dupont & Kirk Claymore
3. Shag
Designer: Sebastien Aries
4. Zeus
Designer: Fuu Sohl

Accessory Designers
1. Adjunct
Designer: Myvegancookbook Bolissima
2. [Acide!]
Designer: Acide Innovia
3. Kari
Designer: Menno Ophelia
Designer: Jori Watler

Contact Person: Lexie Jansma