When Poulet decides to release something, she doesn’t play in service! So…

I present you PinkTiki Gown! The new release from PurpleMoon!

Not many words needed to be said, right?

Grab it!



Thank you Poulet <4


model, photo & style . Diconay Boa

Barranquilla & Chok

National Costume specially designed and used for Miss Mundo Virtual finalist, Choksso Vlodovic. Inspired in the Barranquilla’s Carnivals of Colombia.

A festive custom using the colors of Colombia’s flag, lots of gold details and native patterns in the fabric.

Available now on PurpleMoon!

And last but not least:

The evening gown named “Chok” after this sweet woman, is a siren style gown in satin with embroidery details in silver on the skirt and a magnificent collar around the neck. An open back with a brooch gives this gown a very classy and daring look.

Check them out on PURPLEMOON Mainstore. You can try demos there and specially see the colors available, always ro rich!!!



Thank you Poulet ❤


This was the gown asked to Poulet from Patty Cortes to wear on Glance Fashion Awards cerimony!

It’s names Marilyn and it’s now available on PurpleMoon Stores in 6 different colors: Chocolate [like the one I wear on the pic], Teal, Black, Purple, Red and Saphire!

It’s stunning!

You can’t miss it on the PM stores!



pic // model // Diconay Boa

❤ ty Poulet!

Mystery by PurpleMoon

Keywords; Feathers, lace & Slim!

This dress represents elegance and sex appeal all the way!

It was designed by our talented Poulet Koenkamp and its called ‘Mystery’.

On Poulet words: Ladies, “Mystery” is served in five different colors, looks yummy and ready to be enjoyed. They are Violet [on the pic], Cherry, Ivory, Pink and Teal.

Where you should take it?

On PurpleMoon Mainstore


I want to thank you Poulet for using CORPUS poses on the Mystery Dress Vendors of PurpleMoon! And also for sending me this amazin design of hers!

♥ Thank you so much Poulet!

From head to toe, Dico wears:

Dress . Mystery in Violet from PurpleMoon

Hair . Nymphea 1 by Plume

Nails . Diva in Purple by CCD


Pic taken by the one and only Julie Hastings

♥ Thank you Julie




This is one of the most gorgeous creations made specially for Miss Germany of Miss Virtual World 2011 as a national costume!

It’s the FIRST release of 2011 of PURPLEMOON!

See for yourself:

This stunning creations was made by Poulet Koenkamp and its available on PurpleMoon Stores!

It’s totally IMPOSSIBLE not to fall in love with it! This gown is classic beauty!

Available on PurpleMoon for 5 different colors, this is a outstanding creation every woman should have on her inventory!

There is a flower in Germany called “Edelweiss”, Leandra described it as a “delicate and strong” flower. It grows in the winter on the top of the mountains. Many stories tell that if a gentleman offers an edelweiss to a lady is a proof of absolutely true love, because of being so hard to find.
Leandra is a delicate, strong and romantic woman who inspired Poulet to create this gown.


Thank You Poulet! ♥


Model & Pic by Diconay Boa


When the Moon gets Purple!

Yes, when the moon gets purple we have what?

EXACTLY!!! PurpleMoon!

I am proud to present PurpleMoon in Closet Disclosure!

Poulet Koenkamp exceeded herself and made a tremedously gorgeous new creations!



Sora is this amazing couture outfit and comes in 5 distinctive colors!!! I am wearing Red one, the other 4 are Pink, Blue, Teal and the classic Black! More stylish? Impossible! This outfit has it all!

With this dress I am wearing as well  Exa hair attachment thats comes with head base tattoos to match the colors of your hair you want to use! 20 hair colors available!

And this is just the beggining! PurpleMoon have n world roup offer for you! If you’re member of PurpleMoon pdates group, you just HAVE (!!!) to thake this outstading creations! Have a look!

This is Holly Silver Dress! Totally a MUST have! Glam and Classy… this dress has it all!

With this dress I am wearing as well  Dax Hair Attachment thats comes with head base tattoos to match the colors of your hair you want to use! All 20 colors available you won’t get sick of them! EVER!

As if this is enough, Poulet comes out with a hunt which PurpleMoon is Sponsoring!

Another amazing hunt organized by CHIC.
Like the previous “Platinum Hunt”, 100 brands had been invited to be part of it providing one exclusive item for L$10.
“Salma” is PurpleMoon’s item!
The “Happy Holidays From…” Hunt will start on December 10th until December 31st.

You know what happens when the Moon gets Purple now?

You can’t miss this AMAZING items on store!



Model // Pics 1 & 2 by Diconay Boa

Thank You Poulet! ♥