I didn’t post for a very long time, so… what is better than this huge shoes event to get back on track again?

Yes, SHOETOPIA is here, and these are some creations I felt in love with from JD by davidefre.

Take a look:


JD – MyFeet


JD – Boheme Boots

Better check them on shoetopia!

❤ Di

Baiastice Autum 2011 New Collection

I guess you all saw it being presented on MODAVIA Fashion Week! And I bet you all get stoned by it!

Baiastice never stop impressing us, and those are some of the new collection outfits [Thank you Sissy Pessoa <3]

<style details next>

Outfit: Baiastice – Grifha in red

Outfit: Baiastice – Ethel in Emerald

Outfit: Baiastice – Alexander in white/pink


All hairs and shoes are from Baiastice as well.  Shoes are from new collection as well, called Baiastice – Nicki Ankle Boots, and they come in several colors !

All Poses are from CORPUS

I can see the world turning orange….


Play the video while you read this…and have a cup of tea..the better.

As Summer into Autumn Slips
As Summer into Autumn slips
And yet we sooner say
“The Summer” than “the Autumn,” lest
We turn the sun away,And almost count it an Affront
The presence to concede
Of one however lovely, not
The one that we have loved –So we evade the charge of Years
On one attempting shy
The Circumvention of the Shaft
Of Life’s Declivity.


Gizza presents new male outfit for the autumn season.

Gizza Albion

Visit the Shop for the new items (LM HERE)

For more information, IM Giz Seorn

Gizza Exclusives for MFW 2011

I had the honour and pleasure to be part of last Gizza Show during MFW 2011

Giz and Auster released great outfits for males and females and today me And Diconay

are pleased to present:

Shabby  CHIC  and  Lordly Black 

Diconay wear:

Gizza Lordly Black

Head Flowers are Bliss Couture Uneeque Hat Noir

MADesigns HAIR::. ~ DORA ~ Black IV

NHA! Moira Earings

SIMILAR Sidewinder Boots Black

Make-up: Kyoot Feline Red

Mandala – Nail Pallette \ (Medium)

Salvo wear:

Gizza Shabby CHIC

Gos GTFO Boots in Black

AITUI Etched Hair Base Spider Web 005 Black


Thank you Giz!
Images by Diconay Boa

n o i r definition.

black [noir]

[blak]  adjective, -er, -est, noun, verb, adverb


1. lacking hue and brightness; absorbing light without reflecting any of the rays composing it.

2. characterized by absence of light; enveloped in darkness: a black night.

3. (sometimes initial capital letter)          

a. pertaining or belonging to any of the various populations characterized by dark skin pigmentation, specifically the dark-skinned peoples of Africa, Oceania, and Australia.

b. african-American.

4. soiled or stained with dirt: That shirt was black within an hour.

5. gloomy; pessimistic; dismal: a black outlook.

One of many definition of black! In this case, black means lust, carnality…

This is the brand new collection of Finesmith by Yula Finesmith: NOIR!

This image does't represent the whole NOIR collection.
Please check on the Finesmith Mainstore the entire collection.

image (raw), model and style by Diconay Boa


Let’s welcome new sponsor of Closet! Kikunosuke Eel, the owner and designer of Mandala decided to be featured on CLOSET DISCOSURE and we are very proud of it!

Plus, he sent us a really nice notecard with Mandala story, which I think its totally worth to show you all how MANDALA born and all the concept behind!

Kikunosuke testimony:

“I felt necessity to learn about PRIMs in order to maintain TEMPURA ISLAND.  That was the trigger that made me begin to create objects.  I selected jewelry as a start since I felt it might be easy to make because of its small size.  But once I started to create them actually, the work was more difficult and laborious than I had expected.  I had not thought that I would open a shop in SL.

MANDALA means in Buddhism a picture of the world where Buddha lives.  I am a religious Buddhist.
Both MANDALA and TEMPURA ISLAND are managed based on strong principle of Buddhism.

All designs of jewelries are born from my own brain.  So you can see many different designs comparing with other brands.

In the future, I would cultivate my skill and challenge other items than jewelries.”

All the creations you can find on Mandala are amazingly textured, and all of them so creative, that you won’t want to leave the store without bring everything with you! I know Mandala myself for some time and I cant resist to bring only one item when I go there! It’s impossible…

CLOSET DISCLOSURE Team will soon make a special post with some of the Mandala items… so keep eyes on Closet!

Please catch you JET PLANE TO MANDALA, so you can get crazy there!

Thank you so much Kikunosuke, and welcome to CLOSET!

Many hugs from all Closet Team!