…should I stay or should I go…

Friday night. Looking outside the window. The city lights, life out there.
I wonder, should I stay or should I go?

I was ready for a night in the city.

This song playing in my stereo.


Style Card:

Shirt: Fri. Longsleeve coop.tee white

Top shirt: Sweetest Goodbye – Highway star white

Pants: Indyra Originals (part of Marquise II Chinese Laquer)

Hats: Coco Woolfelt fedora

Shoes: Flats by LWL


Enjoy your weekend 🙂


Black – if you please…

Two completely different looks, from two amazing designers – both outfits in black.

This first look is based on Aliza Karu’s Designs.  [AD Creations] transport me to a state of mind that it’s difficult to express.

For my personality, Aliza’s creations as a SL designer, are challenging and daring. It’s like challenging myself, every time I wear her creations.

Here is Goth Plex Dress by Aliza Karu

Still using the black colour, in a completely different style and context,  here is Modern Gypsy‘s Messiah Gown, by Micah Kanto!

Micah has a style of his own! I just hope I did some justice to this (apparently simple) black Messiah Gown.


Note: to read  with a glass of champagne in one hand and this voice!

*hugss* from Sea~~

Gasqhe – a creative mind is back

Lauching her Autumn 2011 Collection in Modavia Fashion Week, Karija Azalee is back with Gasqhe!

I’m a huge fan of her work; have been  from the very first beginning I saw her little store, more than a year ago.

Karija took some time for herself and she’s back now with this amazing collection, and a new female and male skin lines.

The female skin is Julia, it comes with several makeups and you can also add some lipstick makeup choices.

This is Aye Gown. In all outfits, I’m wearing the new Julia skin, as well.

The autmn colors are amazing! Textured with a mix of what the earth brings us in autumn.

Here is Wen.

Wen has an amazing corset, that is worn with a transparent torso, creating this very elegant waist line. The skirt can be worn with pose or without it.

Now, this is Leti.

Leti is extremely elegant; the bodice is open in the back, way down to the hip area. Simply amazing!

Intoducing now Jahm.

Jahm is a short dress, with amazing shoulder pads.

With this new Autumn Collection, Gasqhe also has to offer a legging collection to match each of the very refined textures of all this outfits, symbolizing autumn , in the most fashionable way.

The skin I’m wearing is Julia, the new line from Gasqhe, as well, in several makeups.

Jewelry and prim nails by Gems & Kisses.

Shoes from Nardcotix – Gloria Wedges (in several colors).

Hair by Bliss and Vanity.


… voice …

Et moi? Je veux… beaucoups des chapeaux!

If you are crazy about hats, you have to take a look at the new Chappellerie MissMila 😉

Mila Tatham of SoliDea FoliEs created hats for all demoiselles.

Mila says ” Wearing a hat is a matter of freedom, of fantasy, happyness or sadness…Strong personality and irrepressible fantasy…is a way for express ourselves…and most of all, it is so funny!

And what more can we want? All of us women like to elegantly talk to our friends and let them know there is a new Chappellerie and go there, enjoy and feel fantastic!

Let me show you just a few or Mila Tatham’s très chic chapeaux.


Style Card:

From top to bottom

Un fiocco in testa

– Carmelitana

No, non giro


Model and photographer: Seashell Dench


Preparing autumn…

In fashion, we’re always one (or more) steps ahead of each season.

While preparing for next autumn and eventually winter, let me introduce you to Zenith.  Markski suggested to get an couple outfit. Sounded great!

And here it is,  these are  two separate pieces and they come for both, male and female.  Zenith has more couple outfits.

Worth to take a look 😉


Style Card:

Kakhi sweater and checker

Stripe Shaco pants

by Zenith  (Miffyhoi Rosca)

Photo by Seashell Dench

Models: Seashell Dench and Markski Glom


Enjoy 😉



Forest Animals by Modd.G

My favorite hobby in SL is going out there and finding new designers, new ideas; if I can, I love to share very creative work that has been done  and it needs to be shown 🙂

So, I found Modd.G. Maybe you ‘ve heard of her, but I hadn’t – Moddishh Gossipgirl.

If you go to her store, you’ll find many items that you can mix and match, on a daily bases, very casual and practical.  When I went upstairs, I found different creations. I was like “wowww”.  They are fantastic!

Let me show you one of  Modd.G  outfits. Everything in this photo is from Modd.G ,  including the set where I took the photo.

It’s called Made of Forest Animals & Folklore set.

How great is this?

I loved the whole idea, the concept and there’s much more to see and to have in your closets at Modd.G.

Enjoy 😉



Emotions …

It’s often very hard to be able to trust people and show them our feelings. Since I found  Aliza Karu – the designer of AD Creations – she manages to capture my attention with her designs.

It’s all about emotions and how can they be portrayed in a simple outfit. Not so simple, actually. Her creations are elaborate, deep and yes emotional. I simply can’t resist when she creates something new.

This is C’era domani.

AD Creations is one of the Italian brands that got together with several others and we have The Italian Taste. *The Italian Taste* is the first group of good italian designers united. Every month, they have the “Monthly Deal”, where one of their creations can be purchased for $L50. This month is will end on July 3rd.
Here is the list of Italian designers, part of The Italian Taste:

*TA Eyes*
*LpD* Skins
Wap Design
AD Creations
Italica interior design
*SoliDea Folies*

This outfit I’m showing you is not part of the Monthly Deal. I just couldn’t resist and got it.

C’era domani outfit comes in two main colours: black or white. This one is the black version and I added the opposite colour on the hair – white.
Aliza Karu says “Those who wear my clothes, they’re wearing a mood, a feeling, a fear, a desire, a passion, an anger of me.”

She is just outstanding in creating clothes that simply cannot be worn without a feeling. It’s not just the “regular” kind of outfit. Yes, we can consider it fantasy-like, if we wish. Yet, in my opinion, AD Creations always carry a strong emotion, no matter what that emotion is. That’s why I just couldn’t take a single photo with this outfit. It’s all up to us, to what we feel.

Aliza also plays with colours, the darkness of black and the brightness of white. I did my own research on colours; something we already know is that black is the absence of colour and white has all colours in it. In my research I found that some people can’t really stand white, because it’s too bright for their eyes.

For me … well… I mixed the black outfit with white hair. I know I carry black and white in me. I’m the Angel and I’m the Demon. Probably we all are, I can only speak for myself 😉

All these emotions came to life with a SL Designer, an incredible creator that really inspires and surprises me with each of her creations.


Style Card:
Complete outfit and hair: C’era Domani by AD Creations
Bare feet: Scuplted Bare Foot by AD Creations

Enjoy 😉


Meet Tableau Vivant!

One of the most incredible design projects I’ve seen lately!

One of the creative minds behind Tableau Vivant is M4ri1yn Magic. The brand is extraordinaire, theatrical, stylish, daring; with a unique vision for potential male customers… guess what? I’m a woman and I was at awe when I stepped in Tableau Vivant! You can get complete outfits ot you can simply mix n’match.

Not to mention the exquisite male skins and the female makeup layers you can get there.
Just take a look. I don’t think my photos do justice to this amazing creations, but anyway, here they are.

Style Card
Complete Outfit: Tableau Vivant Metrosexual
Makeup layer: Tableau Vivant Electric Geisha (includes blue eyelashes)
Hair: Dura Boy

It’s so empowering to wear Tableau Vivant! Even for a woman!
Here, mixing and matching, pants and shirt, with shoulder pads and collar.

Style Card
Shirt: TV Gaveston
Pants: TV Rhett
Makeup layer: TV Kandinsky (includes black eyelashes)
Hair: Dura Boy

Just take a look. You’ll love it!

Here’s your limo to Tableau Vivant 😉


[SyS] – Inspiration

I was visiting [SyS] at AVENUE Couture and I found this outfit. It may look simple, or plain; it’s so much more than that!
It was enough for me to take a whole day trying to portray the outfit, what it made me think of, when I wore it.

By the end of the day, I saw my dear friend Bety online and asked her to pose with me. And she did 🙂


Bety Dudek (on the left)
Sea (on the right)

Style Card
On Bety:
OUTFIT : [sYs] TRYBE with POGO boots
SKIN : [sYs] Skin INUYT dual (pale) – cleavage + HB black
TATOO :[sYs] Tattoo – Digital 2 (fadded)
HAIR : :bijou: Cindy II/Monotone02
MASK : *Plume* – Mask (from Punk hair)

On Sea:
OUTFIT: [SyS] Lydo
MAKEUP: [SyS] Epsilon – lipstick blue
BOOTS: Oz – Saphyre Ankle Boots
HAIR: Lode Up (light)

Lode Hats

It all started with this photo, I took, alone. And a song

[SyS] Ludo

Enjoy 🙂