Angel Dessous – The new Black Line

Nando Korobase has been a great creator, as we all know. His designs have been in SL for long and he keeps surprising us with new designs. You must take a look at Angel Dessous‘s new Black Line.

It’s extremely elegant, with a bit of spice 😉

I didn’t add any jewelry, so that you may enjoy the full outfit and style it up yourselves.

Style Card
First photo left:
Angel Dessous Devine Black
Hat: Coco wool fedora
Shoes: *RRS* Desiree Black Damask

First photo right:
Angel Dessous Devine Blood
Hat: Nano Ribbon Hat
Shoes: *RRS* Desiree Black Damask


Second photo left:
Angel Dessous Chess Black
Clutch: DeLa Chanel Cream

Second photo right:
Angel Dessous Domino White
Clutch: DeLa Chanel Grey
Hat: Lagyo Noir – Noble Amazon(silver flowers)

Enjoy 😉