Moulin Rouge

Recently Miffyhoi Rosca gave me her first formal creation from Zenith! It’s called Moulin Rouge! I was really happy to be asked to blog this tem for her, for two reasons: shes’s a delightfull person that came to me saying that follows CLOSET DISCLOSURE, which I thought it was ultra kind from her, and above all cause I get  impressed by the texture and details it has, along with this amazing red and vivid color!

The picture don’t do justice for the gown itself, you have to see it ‘live’!

You all know I am not exaclty the ‘gownish’ kind of person but this one I really had to feature cause It’s so detailed!

Go get it!



Jewelry used by Alienbear

Hair from Bliss Couture

Poses by CORPUS


Big thanks to Miffyhoi Rosca!

model, image & style by Diconay Boa

Preparing autumn…

In fashion, we’re always one (or more) steps ahead of each season.

While preparing for next autumn and eventually winter, let me introduce you to Zenith.  Markski suggested to get an couple outfit. Sounded great!

And here it is,  these are  two separate pieces and they come for both, male and female.  Zenith has more couple outfits.

Worth to take a look 😉


Style Card:

Kakhi sweater and checker

Stripe Shaco pants

by Zenith  (Miffyhoi Rosca)

Photo by Seashell Dench

Models: Seashell Dench and Markski Glom


Enjoy 😉