Evian-Egoisme Ryuji Skin

2 new skins releases from Egoisme owned by Ramses Meredith: Ryuji and Syu 

here im presenting Ryuji a great skin rich of details and all it need for give to wear it a “right” touch.

It comes in 3 bases tone: pale,medium and tan but with the support of Vividtone included each tone can be personalized on

over 65000 colour variations, also including hair, body hair and shaved body skins.

Vividtone is a new technique made to enhance the skin tone without the loss of detail for made u appear always cool.

Evian-Egoisme Ryuji skin:medium-pale-tan

pic by  Journey Lorakeet

Evian-Egoisme Ryuji skin:medium-pale-tan

pic by  Journey Lorakeet


EGOISME pret a porter- sweaters

Egoisme owned by Ramses Meredith just releases new sweaters collection, they are very well done,trendy and avaiable in a big numbers of colours

from classical black or white but also pink,purple or blue  so each taste is satisfied!

and also avaiable in double version: long without attache prims needed or short with 2 different styles

of bottom prims…..really a “must” for cold weather incoming…….im going to show you white version here but all range of colours avaiable need to be worn!!!


EGOISME pret a porter- sweaters-white version

EGOISME pret a porter- sweaters-white version

EGOISME pret a porter- sweaters-white version

Gizza Exclusives for MFW 2011

I had the honour and pleasure to be part of last Gizza Show during MFW 2011

Giz and Auster released great outfits for males and females and today me And Diconay

are pleased to present:

Shabby  CHIC  and  Lordly Black 

Diconay wear:

Gizza Lordly Black

Head Flowers are Bliss Couture Uneeque Hat Noir

MADesigns HAIR::. ~ DORA ~ Black IV

NHA! Moira Earings

SIMILAR Sidewinder Boots Black

Make-up: Kyoot Feline Red

Mandala – Nail Pallette \ (Medium)

Salvo wear:

Gizza Shabby CHIC

Gos GTFO Boots in Black

AITUI Etched Hair Base Spider Web 005 Black


Thank you Giz!
Images by Diconay Boa

MEN’S 24-GIZZA Oriantal Male/ADJUNCT Joyride Glasses

Oriantal male from Gizza owned by Giz Seorn and Auster Elan  is exclusive outfit that will be show at Men’s24 well i love it is perfect so colourfully very cool…..

i matched outfit with another exclusive item for the event Joyride Glasses from Adjunct  owned by Myvegancookbook Bolissima i used the silver version

but also gold version is released

 Joyride Glasses from Adjunct

Oriantal male from Gizza