Evian-Egoisme Ryuji Skin

2 new skins releases from Egoisme owned by Ramses Meredith: Ryuji and Syu 

here im presenting Ryuji a great skin rich of details and all it need for give to wear it a “right” touch.

It comes in 3 bases tone: pale,medium and tan but with the support of Vividtone included each tone can be personalized on

over 65000 colour variations, also including hair, body hair and shaved body skins.

Vividtone is a new technique made to enhance the skin tone without the loss of detail for made u appear always cool.

Evian-Egoisme Ryuji skin:medium-pale-tan

pic by  Journey Lorakeet

Evian-Egoisme Ryuji skin:medium-pale-tan

pic by  Journey Lorakeet



another exclusive outfit that is part of Men’s 24 fashion week “1930″ from Baiastice owned by Sissy Pessoa

also skin is a limited piece from Men’s 24 Birth Reese limited

“1930” from Baiastice

Birth Reese limited

Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie

Yes Amelie the new skin from Glam Affair is to die for!

In each pack you will find 12 make ups and also the clean version to play with makes up or just to have a fresh daily look!

Isn’t she gorgeous! This is only one of the make ups available! U will find amazing summery make ups to compose your look either for a Glam night or a relaxed afternoon at beach!

As always Closet Disclosure Team provides you the stylish ride with us, so take your Jet Plane to GLAM AFFAIR MAINSTORE

Model, Photo and Style: Diconay Boa

Meet Tableau Vivant!

One of the most incredible design projects I’ve seen lately!

One of the creative minds behind Tableau Vivant is M4ri1yn Magic. The brand is extraordinaire, theatrical, stylish, daring; with a unique vision for potential male customers… guess what? I’m a woman and I was at awe when I stepped in Tableau Vivant! You can get complete outfits ot you can simply mix n’match.

Not to mention the exquisite male skins and the female makeup layers you can get there.
Just take a look. I don’t think my photos do justice to this amazing creations, but anyway, here they are.

Style Card
Complete Outfit: Tableau Vivant Metrosexual
Makeup layer: Tableau Vivant Electric Geisha (includes blue eyelashes)
Hair: Dura Boy

It’s so empowering to wear Tableau Vivant! Even for a woman!
Here, mixing and matching, pants and shirt, with shoulder pads and collar.

Style Card
Shirt: TV Gaveston
Pants: TV Rhett
Makeup layer: TV Kandinsky (includes black eyelashes)
Hair: Dura Boy

Just take a look. You’ll love it!

Here’s your limo to Tableau Vivant 😉



I felt in love with this cutest bodysuits on MONS! After a walk on the store I saw myself buying almost all. They come in great rich spring colors.

They have the great springish look!  So I decided to share he with you!

Hope you like them as I do!


skin. MONS // Jess Skin – likit makeup series

hair. LoQ Hairs //  Pancake – Black

bodysuit.  MONS // BodySuit Spring Rose

earings. Donna Flora // Ibiscus Earings

necklace. AA // Feather Necklace – pink

nails. Sexy Mamas// Prim Nails

shoes. LoQ // Mustache Pumps – Red

pose. Ricielli

❤ Diconay Boa

Shu – The New Gasqhe Skin

Shu - Gasqhe New Skin

Miss Karija Azalee has done it again!

Here is Shu, new skin from Gasqhe. Besides the composite of the image,the photos are barely editted. As you can see, the skin is beautiful; it comes in four tones: pale, light, sunkissed and suntan.

I’m wearing the sunkissed version.

Definitely worth to take a good look at it.I absolutely love it 😉

Here is your limo to Gasqhe.



Glam Affair did again, and did GOOD!

This is new new skin line from Glam Affair, called Jadis! Yes! This is the new skin made by aida Ewing! It comes on 12 make ups! Every single one is gorgeous!

Look at the perfection of those lips, and the eye make up! It’s a MUST have on your inventory!

This one on the picture is Natural Pack – Make up nr. 3!

To take them you need just a single click: GLAM AFFAIR STORE

OUT soon!


Model // Pic by Diconay Boa

Thank You Aida! ♥♥♥