Shhhhhh… It’s secret!

Yes… a secret that everyone know already! And its from Agy!

My dearest friend Agtaope Carter Lane launched a beautiful collection of formal dresses to die for. From the classic ones to the daring ones, Agy decided to satisfy all tastes and needs!

This dress is a stunning creation from Agy and it’s called Rita Cadillac! So exuberant and flowy this is a perfect dress to leave people mouth open!

Agy Secrets is the store name and you can’t miss the other creations she has to offer us!

You can see the other amazing creations in world! Where? Simple, our readers travel with style and for that… LIMO!!!


From head to toe, Dico wears:

Dress . Rita Cadillac from Agy Secrets

Hair . Elfique by Plume


Pic taken by the one and only Julie Hastings ♥

Thank you Julie and Agy for the amazing dresses you’ve been sending! ♥