Spring blossoms with Blackswan

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” 

Robin Williams


Phillip Dollinger is amazingly talented!

Besides being one of SL’s best male models, he is an incredible builder and now he lauched his new brand – Blackswan!

Spring is definitely here! Shiny colours,  soft fabrics, classy and stylish, Phillip Dollinger knows what ladies like 😉


On the left:

Model: Seashell Dench

Gown: Festival de Cannes – Peacock by Blackswan

Hair: Volute by Plume

Skin – Yrec by Gasqhe

Makeup:  Fairy Turquiose by White Widow

Shoes: Alessandria Black Patent by Sim-I-Lar

Earrings: Eostre by Alienbear


On the right:

Model: 13 Cortes

Gown: Monaco – Bird of Paradise by Blackswan

Hair: Willow by Milena

Skin: Sia Storm by League

Makeup: Perhaps Later orange by Glamorize

Shoes: Temptation II by N- Core

Earrings: Bellial in orange by Rozoregalia


In green: Seashell Dench

In orange:13 Cortes (Petra)

Photographer: Seashell Dench

Angel Dessous – Mona

Here is the new lingerie from Angel Dessous 🙂

Nando Korobase created Mona in three colours. Every single one includes  gloves, bracelets and necklace. Sexy, stylish and one of a kind!

Seashell Dench is wearing Mona Fire.

Diconay Boa is wearing Mona Night.

13 Cortes is wearing Mona White.



By the way, we welcome our friend 13 Cortes to Closet Disclosure team.  With a style of her own, she will bring her own view of fashion and we are so happy to have Petra with us 🙂