Baiastice Autum 2011 New Collection

I guess you all saw it being presented on MODAVIA Fashion Week! And I bet you all get stoned by it!

Baiastice never stop impressing us, and those are some of the new collection outfits [Thank you Sissy Pessoa <3]

<style details next>

Outfit: Baiastice – Grifha in red

Outfit: Baiastice – Ethel in Emerald

Outfit: Baiastice – Alexander in white/pink


All hairs and shoes are from Baiastice as well.  Shoes are from new collection as well, called Baiastice – Nicki Ankle Boots, and they come in several colors !

All Poses are from CORPUS


Billie Jeans

Perfect jeans by Ladies Who Lunch! You just can’t miss those!

[ L W L ] Limo

// she wears

. Billie Jeans Regular by Ladies Who Lunch
. Baiastice Billy Hair / Black
. CCD Black Manicure Nails
. Les Gants [part of Noa Outfit from DIRAM]
. Bax Ankle Boots Metallic Gold
. Glow Studio Bitterness Earrings
. Pose by Del May


Modeled, Styled and Photographed by Diconay Boa

Baiastice New Releases!

Baiastice! You need more to be said?


Raisa shirt available in 8 colours with long sleeves and sculpted attachment.  Colors available are: Black, Lilac, Pink, Rame, Sky, Tan, White and Yellow!

I have all of them and trust me, colors are incredible rich!


Selia skirt, very high in 3 sizes longer with a simple AO in and available in 8 colours: White [shown on pic], Azure/Lilac, Black & White, Black, Greenwater/Beige, Lilac/Pink, Rose/Ceruleum, White and Yellow/Sable.

Same would happen with skirts cause the pattern and colors are so well combined that you would have doubts selecting which one you would use!


Bexley suit, available in 3 colours; high waist pants, vest in 2 sizes resizable and white shirt with bow. The 3 lovely color are Black, Blue & Brown [like the pic];


In 6 amazing and vibrant colors, the dress doesn’t need description cause it speaks for itself!

The colors available are: Azure [used on the pic], Black, Fuchsia, Red, White Pearl & Yellow!

All the hairs & shoes used on this post are from Baiastice as well, you can find them on the stores in world!

All Poses used on this Blog post could be found on CORPUS by Diconay Boa



Thank you Sissy! ❤

Pictures, Poses and Stylings made by Diconay Boa

‘Push them up’ with Baiastice!

Baiastice just have new lingerie! Sissy Pessoa released some sexy lingeries for you to feel super!

This one I am wearing on pic is Sophistik in White Pearl! They come in several colors!

Other releases you may see on the store are Silky, Ellis and Cotton! I didn’t have a pic with them, but one thing I can guarantee, they are stunning a very worth to spend a bit of your lindens to feel sexy with ’em.

One reason I didn’t posted other lingerie pics is because YOU MUST visit BAIASTICE not only to see the FAB lingeries but to see all the items cause I am sure you won’t regret it!

Now… Leave your chair, your hubby, your…. whatever you’re doing and get to BAIASTICE!

Limo (always) here: BAIASTICE MAINSTORE!


Photo // Model // Diconay Boa

Thank you Sissy! ❤

LOTUS Pumps & Up Knee Boots

I’m really enthusiastic about this new items from Baiastice!

When it comes to Sissy Pessoa creations I always get really excited! This time, I will blog about something that REALLY makes me go nuts, even in RL I am a huge collector of: SHOES!

They can be High Boots, Flats, Pumps…. I get crazy with every kind of shoes!

So Baiastice just released some of the best boots I saw in SL so far!

Say *hello* to the new Up Knee Boots, they come in 9 colors: Black, Brown, Dark Green, Gold, Midnight Blue, Nude, Red and Snow!

This ones are black! They can be used with knee part up! Take a look:

They super versatile!

And another surprise for you, that’s totally the opposite of Up Knee Boots, are the new fresh release LOTUS Pumps!

Amazingly made of swade, this Pumps are a classic you must have on you inventory.

Thee best thing is that Lotus Pumps come in 2 versions! With Spots and no spots!

Always if several amazing 15 colors, the NO Spots versions comes in Acid Yellow [in the pic]; Aubergine, Azure, Black, Brown, Darkest, Gold, Green, Light Brown, Midnight, Pink, Rose Shocking, Ruby and White!

SPOTTED version comes in another 15 combinations of: Acid Yellow/ Rose Shocking spots; Aubergine/ Blac spots; Azure/Snow spots; Brown/Purple spots; Darkest/Black spots; Gold/Dark spots; Green/ Grey spots; Midnight/ White Spots; Rosa Shocking/ Blue spots [n the pic]; Ruby/Azure Shocking spots!

Impossible to resist!

No more words are needed! Keep an eye on Closet Disclosure, I’m sure you will know more about Baiastice!

For store Limo please hit: BAIASTICE MAINSTORE

Thank you Sissy!  ♥


Pics // Model – Diconay Boa

Baiastice Strikes Again

One word that’s synonymous of other several ones: BAIASTICE!

Just… watch it!

I felt in love! I am wearing new…

Shirt . BAIASTICE Evion in Dark Cherry

Pants . BAIASTICE Winter Legghins/ Shoes PVC in Red

Evion is this SUPER mini dress that comes on 6 colors: Dark Cherry, Blue, Cipria Pink, Purple Wine, Smooth Olive and Dark Grey! FABULOUS! I can’t find another word to describe it!

The legghins are amazing textured and come in 5 colors: red, blue, brown, gold, and black!


This is BRILLIANT!!!

I am wearing the brand new…

Shirt . BAIASTICE One Shoulder Large Sweaterin Brown

Pants . BAIASTICE Winter Legghins SPIKE in brownish

This sweater comes in 6 rich colors: black, blue, brown, Gold Olive, Green and Red!

More stylish? Impossible!!!

The Legghins are another amazing creation to complement this looks and they are on store with 5 different colors: Azurid Red, Azure, Brownish, Grey and Sienne Gold! Can’t miss this, cause they are a fashionable and simple accessory that can make the statement!

Finally we have…

I present you now Manuri Shirt… This is OMG! Sooo stylish that you wont stop using it!

It comes in 5 color combinations: Grey/Beige, Black/Light Grey, Blue/Gold, Olive/Beige, Prussian/Beam.

You know how much I love BAIASTICE, so I couldn’t resist making this post! It’s so stylish, classy, elegant and the textures speaks for themselves! Sissy Pessoa Strikes again with BAIASTICE, and I am 100% sure the next releases we leave us with chin on floor!

I couldn’t love more this amazing new releases… Impossible not to! ♥

Check ’em out all the items blogged on the LIMO attached here: BAIASTICE STORE

Thank you Sissy!  ♥


Pics // Model – Diconay Boa

All hair used on this post are from Baiastice as well!



let’s TRAM!

Today I wanted to post accessories!

Once we are on autumn/winter time, all we can think when we get off home is accessories for this seasons! So I found this amazing wintery items! They are fashionable, and keeps us warm! Couldn’t resist!

See for yourself!

This is a fur hat that comes hat itself alone, and with ribbon on chin!

And this amazing leg warmers! They come in several colors [beige, black, silver-gray and tan] and with simple and that gold details!

Check it!

Is it cold worth?!

TRAM Limo!

Take it…. You just can’t miss it!

Tram isn’t only composed of this amazing items! Take the Limo and see what TRAM has to offer more I’m sure you will flip out!