n o i r definition.

black [noir]

[blak]  adjective, -er, -est, noun, verb, adverb


1. lacking hue and brightness; absorbing light without reflecting any of the rays composing it.

2. characterized by absence of light; enveloped in darkness: a black night.

3. (sometimes initial capital letter)          

a. pertaining or belonging to any of the various populations characterized by dark skin pigmentation, specifically the dark-skinned peoples of Africa, Oceania, and Australia.

b. african-American.

4. soiled or stained with dirt: That shirt was black within an hour.

5. gloomy; pessimistic; dismal: a black outlook.

One of many definition of black! In this case, black means lust, carnality…

This is the brand new collection of Finesmith by Yula Finesmith: NOIR!

This image does't represent the whole NOIR collection.
Please check on the Finesmith Mainstore the entire collection.

image (raw), model and style by Diconay Boa

Diconay Inspiration set

A beautiful bohemian combination of wood and semi precious stones. Styled with delicate wooden fronds fronds encircling the gem. The set includes an attracive pair of long earrings a long necklace composed of three latge gem stones and a double bracelet set with an array of small gems in addition to the Diconay statement gem. Also comes complete with a blunt to sit back and relax! Diconay comes with a complete colour change menu allowing you to create a multitude of different jewelry options. Both the wood and gems are colour change and all items have re-size included.

Check it out!

Feel free to get yout jet plane to FINESMITH!


<4 Yula! I’m in love!

Meet Portland… Leah Portland!

Finesmith knocked many dead, with this inspiration set from Yula Finesmith!

No words need to be said, cause it perfection already says it all!

Check it out!

This is Leah in White! More colors are available for you to wear and style due your tastes! Golden, blue, pink, black… you decide!

Take your Jet Plane to  FINESMITH MAINSTORE!


Thank you Yula! ❤

Photo, Style, Pose and Model – Diconay Boa

Ladies Who Lunch – Express yourself

Faint Paulse – the  creative mind behind Ladies Who Lunch –  has just released an amazing Gown. Sweet, tender, and  at the same time – at least for me – extremely strong, depending on the accessories you use with it.

It comes in several colours, the one I’m showing you is tea colour. There are three skirt options.  A must have in every woman’s wardrobe.

The High Tea Gown.

It’s stunning. Plus,  in one gown, you get several looks, you can really express yourself.  It’s new, refreshing, even  if you decide to wear just the bodysuit, you can; I’m delighted with it!

Models: Seashell Dench and Markski Glom

Photographer: Seashell Dench



Photo 1

On Sea: Hight Tea Gown (in tea colour) worn with bustle; Precarious Platforms (white snake) by LWL; Doormouse Veil ( in tea colour)

On Marski: Finesmith – Harsch Mask Back Head (shoulder pads);  Bella- Desatre Top – Short (Top);  XOH – Spine Chains 24; Grasp – Biker Gloves (black)

Photo 2

On Sea:   Hight Tea Gown (in tea colour) bodysuit only; Precarious Platforms (white snake) by LWL; Cheshire Cat Hat  by LWL (in tea colour)


It’s absolutely inspiring when I find a creative mind like Faint Paulse’s. I was taking the photos and a voice in my head 😉


*hugss* from


Cross my Fingers & Hope to Die

Yula Finesmith released this amazing set of jewels you can’t miss! It’s called Cross my Fingers & Hope to Die!

Fantastic! The metals, Gems and all Colors can be changed by Script so you can have all the options possible for your outfits combinations!

You can find this amazing Jewelry Set and MUCH MUCH more on Finesmith Mainstore!

Don’t forget as well to check the Inpiration Project on Finesmith!

Go take a look in-world: FINESMITH MAINSTORE



Modeled, Photographed and Styled by Diconay Boa