Mix n’ [not] Match

Well, for some maybe match for others doesn’t… who cares as long as we feel good on it?

This time decided to use brand new items I found arround.

For your own enjoyment:

Hair . Away from Elikatira

ShirtBon Bon Blouse Cream /as shirt layer/  and Blue  /on the attachments/  from Gizza

Pants . Sack Trousers from Ladies Who Lunch

Hair Flower . Blue Roses Headbend from LaGyo

Shoes . Oxford from Ricielli

Couch . Pied-a-Terre Chaise from What’s Next

N O T E : Ladies Who Lunch and What’s next items can be found only on Ch1c – Chic one year anniversary


Thank you Gizza, Vliet & Fhara ❤

style, model and photo by Diconay Boa

Boo and Flats – Shine!!!

If you go to Fan Limited Store, you’ll find this soo cute dress by SoliDea FoliEs. Plus , if you go asap… it will cost you 175L only!!! You  have one week to get this bargain, so… run!!!! 😉

I added the flats from Faint Paulse of Ladies Who Lunch! Oh, you must have them!   Check the flats collection Faint has released. They are pure cuteness, come with a hud and are extremely detailed!  Chic from head to toe and shine 😉

Enjoy 😉



Style Card

Dress: Boo Silver by SoliDea FoliEs (175L  for limited time @ Fan Limited Store)

Flats worn: On Deck Flats (white sand) by Faint Paulse –Ladies Who Lunch

Flats on the floor: Moto Flats (noir) by LWL

Ladies Who Lunch – Express yourself

Faint Paulse – the  creative mind behind Ladies Who Lunch –  has just released an amazing Gown. Sweet, tender, and  at the same time – at least for me – extremely strong, depending on the accessories you use with it.

It comes in several colours, the one I’m showing you is tea colour. There are three skirt options.  A must have in every woman’s wardrobe.

The High Tea Gown.

It’s stunning. Plus,  in one gown, you get several looks, you can really express yourself.  It’s new, refreshing, even  if you decide to wear just the bodysuit, you can; I’m delighted with it!

Models: Seashell Dench and Markski Glom

Photographer: Seashell Dench



Photo 1

On Sea: Hight Tea Gown (in tea colour) worn with bustle; Precarious Platforms (white snake) by LWL; Doormouse Veil ( in tea colour)

On Marski: Finesmith – Harsch Mask Back Head (shoulder pads);  Bella- Desatre Top – Short (Top);  XOH – Spine Chains 24; Grasp – Biker Gloves (black)

Photo 2

On Sea:   Hight Tea Gown (in tea colour) bodysuit only; Precarious Platforms (white snake) by LWL; Cheshire Cat Hat  by LWL (in tea colour)


It’s absolutely inspiring when I find a creative mind like Faint Paulse’s. I was taking the photos and a voice in my head 😉


*hugss* from


Sweet Candy

With Spring coming up, monochromatic colours are slowly fading away.
I found out this amazing hat, in a beautiful store called Solidea Folies by Mila Tatham and Rodroguez Imako.

Cotton Candy

Hat: Vintage Hat II (green and pink) by Solidea Folies.

When I found this hat, I styled around it 😉
So, I went to PURE Juicy, a designers’ showcase that started March 5th and I’d advise you to see.
I found this lovely dress by Ladies Who Lunch. It comes in several colours.

Cotton Candy

Dress: The It Dress (Flamingo) in pink by Ladies Who Lunch – available only @PURE Juicy (at the moment)

We get the feeling that, no matter what, Spring is right around the corner 😉

Hugs from