Items to help Japan

You all know what happened to Japan is devastating. Second life not only exists to have fun, but you all can see how the big wave from Second Life residents is moving forward to help this cause and the ones that need.

Designers putted their hearts on it and created amazing unique items to be sold in favor of Japan!  I created as well some poses to join Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Charity Event, which opened officially at 16th March. But you do not see only this charity event arround. There are many being planned and many that exist already, you just need to find them out.

I bought fantastic stuff to help this cause and I created a look with what I bought! It’s so many great stuff, but for now I only will show you this one! Take a look:

Click on the pic for better view and for styling card!

As I told I wanted to give my contribution to this cause and so far CORPUS has been selling its poses very well, which I am glad cause 100% of the profit goes directly to Pacific Crisis Fundraiser! CORPUS doesn’t need the money, people need, so I hope you like the poses and think they are for a good cause! The poses are:

This can be found on Pacific Crisis Fuundraiser Land or in CORPUS MAINSTORE!

With a bit of money you can find amazing items and help a lot! This events are having huge success!

Help Japan, you would like to be helped out if it was with you!