Mix n’ [not] Match

Well, for some maybe match for others doesn’t… who cares as long as we feel good on it?

This time decided to use brand new items I found arround.

For your own enjoyment:

Hair . Away from Elikatira

ShirtBon Bon Blouse Cream /as shirt layer/  and Blue  /on the attachments/  from Gizza

Pants . Sack Trousers from Ladies Who Lunch

Hair Flower . Blue Roses Headbend from LaGyo

Shoes . Oxford from Ricielli

Couch . Pied-a-Terre Chaise from What’s Next

N O T E : Ladies Who Lunch and What’s next items can be found only on Ch1c – Chic one year anniversary


Thank you Gizza, Vliet & Fhara ❤

style, model and photo by Diconay Boa

updated me

Dress . Armidi

Belt . Ricielli

Jeans . Mon Tissu

Head Band . NHA!

Necklace . Barranquilla (part of PurpleMoon gown)

Bangles . Mandala


model | photo | style



Smells like Spring!

Ricielli Spring Collection Preview by Diconay Boa

SHIRT | R.icielli – MSMONROE longshirt

PANTS | R.icielli – SAROUEL JEANS Smokey Journal

DRESS | R.icielli – SUELLEN minidress/diamond

JACKET | R.icielli – MISSEILING V2 leather jacket/ red



Thank you so much Vliet and Fhara ❤


pics, modeling and styles by Diconay Boa

NOTE: All poses used on this blog post are from Ricielli stores