Forest Animals by Modd.G

My favorite hobby in SL is going out there and finding new designers, new ideas; if I can, I love to share very creative work that has been done  and it needs to be shown 🙂

So, I found Modd.G. Maybe you ‘ve heard of her, but I hadn’t – Moddishh Gossipgirl.

If you go to her store, you’ll find many items that you can mix and match, on a daily bases, very casual and practical.  When I went upstairs, I found different creations. I was like “wowww”.  They are fantastic!

Let me show you one of  Modd.G  outfits. Everything in this photo is from Modd.G ,  including the set where I took the photo.

It’s called Made of Forest Animals & Folklore set.

How great is this?

I loved the whole idea, the concept and there’s much more to see and to have in your closets at Modd.G.

Enjoy 😉