Let’s welcome new sponsor of Closet! Kikunosuke Eel, the owner and designer of Mandala decided to be featured on CLOSET DISCOSURE and we are very proud of it!

Plus, he sent us a really nice notecard with Mandala story, which I think its totally worth to show you all how MANDALA born and all the concept behind!

Kikunosuke testimony:

“I felt necessity to learn about PRIMs in order to maintain TEMPURA ISLAND.  That was the trigger that made me begin to create objects.  I selected jewelry as a start since I felt it might be easy to make because of its small size.  But once I started to create them actually, the work was more difficult and laborious than I had expected.  I had not thought that I would open a shop in SL.

MANDALA means in Buddhism a picture of the world where Buddha lives.  I am a religious Buddhist.
Both MANDALA and TEMPURA ISLAND are managed based on strong principle of Buddhism.

All designs of jewelries are born from my own brain.  So you can see many different designs comparing with other brands.

In the future, I would cultivate my skill and challenge other items than jewelries.”

All the creations you can find on Mandala are amazingly textured, and all of them so creative, that you won’t want to leave the store without bring everything with you! I know Mandala myself for some time and I cant resist to bring only one item when I go there! It’s impossible…

CLOSET DISCLOSURE Team will soon make a special post with some of the Mandala items… so keep eyes on Closet!

Please catch you JET PLANE TO MANDALA, so you can get crazy there!

Thank you so much Kikunosuke, and welcome to CLOSET!

Many hugs from all Closet Team!


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