The team behind


Closet Disclosure is a blog that born with a concept! Diconay Boa & Seashell Dench were the founders but seems they ambitioned more!

Some months later we saw Closet growing and growing… We decided to make our Team grow too! Happily our proposal to the great 13 Cortes was accepted and we became three!

We were pretty happy with it… but you know… always wanting more so… Closet was needing male clothing! Landmire Ireman was our aquisition and after [never happy… again] Salvo Waydelich !

The team is for now made and well structed, we all have different points of view, different styles, different minds, and what counts is to put all that together in the same closet and disclosure it!

So we already presented you 13, and now its time to present our men!

Huge wlecome to Landmire Ireman and Salvo Waydelich!

Say a big hello to our team and we truly hope you enjoy our work and styles!



Yes! We just finished the clothing on the Closet, only whats left are empty racks! Like was said… Different styles, different minds!


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