Mayhem Seetan is the creator for this amazing brand and if you are a casual girl you will just dig it loads!

I found some items I will show now but the whole store and items are worth to be seen! So don’t stay looking only at this creations and find a way to visit Azoury! You won’t regret!

This great dress is named Tenue Nevada! Could be found on Azoury stores in two other colors! Look at the fantastic texture and  skirt shape!

Comes with the boots as well!


This great creation is available on Azoury Stores just like Tenue… In two other colors! It’s fashionable, comfortable and stylish and I am sure you won’t stay indifferent to it! It’s called Le Robe Marron Venus.

The booties can be found on Azoury as well! This ones are named Les Bottines Astilbe and they are available on Black/Red and on Black/White.

Please go visit this great store! It’s worth to see it and specially to buy there!



Ty Mayhem! ❤



All Poses used are from CORPUS motion by Diconay Boa

Pic // Styling // Pics – Diconay Boa


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