Baiastice New Releases!

Baiastice! You need more to be said?


Raisa shirt available in 8 colours with long sleeves and sculpted attachment.  Colors available are: Black, Lilac, Pink, Rame, Sky, Tan, White and Yellow!

I have all of them and trust me, colors are incredible rich!


Selia skirt, very high in 3 sizes longer with a simple AO in and available in 8 colours: White [shown on pic], Azure/Lilac, Black & White, Black, Greenwater/Beige, Lilac/Pink, Rose/Ceruleum, White and Yellow/Sable.

Same would happen with skirts cause the pattern and colors are so well combined that you would have doubts selecting which one you would use!


Bexley suit, available in 3 colours; high waist pants, vest in 2 sizes resizable and white shirt with bow. The 3 lovely color are Black, Blue & Brown [like the pic];


In 6 amazing and vibrant colors, the dress doesn’t need description cause it speaks for itself!

The colors available are: Azure [used on the pic], Black, Fuchsia, Red, White Pearl & Yellow!

All the hairs & shoes used on this post are from Baiastice as well, you can find them on the stores in world!

All Poses used on this Blog post could be found on CORPUS by Diconay Boa



Thank you Sissy! ❤

Pictures, Poses and Stylings made by Diconay Boa


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