. Plume .

Plume by Fauve Beaumont and Lulu Jameson, came up with 4 amazing new hair styles!

I had the pleasure of being photographed by Elena Ewing, amazing friend and I couldnt help blogging this amazing new hair!

This is a preview of one of them, called TuttiFrutti!

Hair comes in 10 more colors and it’s changeble. The hair mesh chage color and so as hairpin (not seen on pic now). Plume TuttiFrutti brings as well a pair of great earings (not seen on pic as well), and u can’t miss this amazing offers Plume has to give you!

This pic doesnt show all Plume creations, and so for that my advice is for you to visit PLUME and see the other amazing creations they have to show you!

The other releases can be seen on HERE

Of course feel free to visit the stylish blog of Fauve & Lulu on the link of the blogroll of CLOSET DISCLOSURE!



Model . Diconay Boa

Pic . Elena Ewing

Thank you so much Fauve and Lulu! 🙂


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