[ P l u m e ]

It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s like a Plume!

My dear friend Fauve Beaumont along with her dear partner Lulu Jameson created by HUGE surprise for everyone some outstanding hair lines!

As you all can imagine I cannot photograph all hairs but I made a preview of what Plume is!

Yes! This is for sure a wonderful work made by our friends Fauve and Lulu, named Sakura! Impossible not to fall in love with it!

All hairs are available in 10 rich colors, they are: Soil, Umber, Onyx, Snow, Golden, Platinum, Majestic, Pink, Cherry & Brick.

Plume promises more, they just don’t want to get sticked into hairs, so keep an eye on Plume! For a Preview of the other hairs Plume has released, please visit Fauve & Lulu Blog.

But what can be better than visit the store in world, and who knows, you don’t leave store with empty pockets, but TOTALY worth it!

You know friends always get on travel by Limo, so here is your: PLUME STORE

Enjoy and have fun shopping!


// Pic// Diconay Boa

//Model // Diconay Boa


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