Mix’n Match for Modavia Fall Casting 2010

God knows that I’m not the kind of person who was born with a natural sense of style. My good friend Dico has that ability, it’s in her 😉 So, imagine yours truthfully here *laughs*, styling “Glam” for Modavia Fall Casting, this fall. Oh yes, it took me quite a long time to figure myself out. Myself, yes, because I was looking for my own meaning of glam. My own glam style.
I wasn’t looking for the obvious – I personally associate glam with David Bowie’s style in the 80’s , even The Kiss (remember them? all so theatrical?). Managing colours was also important. Well, this part for me was easy; I love mixing colours, all except black and white. So, I found on the web the perfect glam style I wanted to portray – a model wearing my own definition of glam. In this case, absolutely Gucci style.

I found it quite an adventure for me, to recreate this look in SL®!
I also didn’t want to present a complete outfit from one single Designer. So here was my own recreation of glam.

Style Card:
Pink Jacket By DeLa
Blue top and prim bottom by Donna Flora
Orange foulard by VA
Skirt by Baiastice
Gloves (blue) by CheerNo
Shoes by Grim Bros

I loved the challenge. Personally, I find myself loving styling every minute, matching outfits, recreate styles with my own idea of fashion.
It was worth it!!

Yours truthfully


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