Baiastice Strikes Again

One word that’s synonymous of other several ones: BAIASTICE!

Just… watch it!

I felt in love! I am wearing new…

Shirt . BAIASTICE Evion in Dark Cherry

Pants . BAIASTICE Winter Legghins/ Shoes PVC in Red

Evion is this SUPER mini dress that comes on 6 colors: Dark Cherry, Blue, Cipria Pink, Purple Wine, Smooth Olive and Dark Grey! FABULOUS! I can’t find another word to describe it!

The legghins are amazing textured and come in 5 colors: red, blue, brown, gold, and black!


This is BRILLIANT!!!

I am wearing the brand new…

Shirt . BAIASTICE One Shoulder Large Sweaterin Brown

Pants . BAIASTICE Winter Legghins SPIKE in brownish

This sweater comes in 6 rich colors: black, blue, brown, Gold Olive, Green and Red!

More stylish? Impossible!!!

The Legghins are another amazing creation to complement this looks and they are on store with 5 different colors: Azurid Red, Azure, Brownish, Grey and Sienne Gold! Can’t miss this, cause they are a fashionable and simple accessory that can make the statement!

Finally we have…

I present you now Manuri Shirt… This is OMG! Sooo stylish that you wont stop using it!

It comes in 5 color combinations: Grey/Beige, Black/Light Grey, Blue/Gold, Olive/Beige, Prussian/Beam.

You know how much I love BAIASTICE, so I couldn’t resist making this post! It’s so stylish, classy, elegant and the textures speaks for themselves! Sissy Pessoa Strikes again with BAIASTICE, and I am 100% sure the next releases we leave us with chin on floor!

I couldn’t love more this amazing new releases… Impossible not to! ♥

Check ’em out all the items blogged on the LIMO attached here: BAIASTICE STORE

Thank you Sissy!  ♥


Pics // Model – Diconay Boa

All hair used on this post are from Baiastice as well!




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