X.mas with Fellni Couture

Have you ever saw a gown that represented SO WELL the x.mas spirit!? You may answer: yes! But I didn’t!

This dress makes us feel it’s christmas, it has EVERYTHING representing holidays and it’s wonderful and beautifully detailed!

Every woman got to have it in their inventory! It’s a x.mas must have!

. Click the image to see it bigger .

Joy Fellini worked on this fabulous and dreamy gown for you to feel the x.mas comming! It’s a stunning creation you can find now on Fellini Couture Store! Besides this outstanding creation, you can’t stay indifferent to her dresses cause they are all breathtaking!

Please visit Fellini Couture by clicking here: FELLINI COUTURE LIMO

And have [still soon, but x.mas is when a men wants] a super merry x.mas!



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