BAIASTICE from head to toe

I have the pleasure and satisfaction to have BAIASTICE from Sissy Pessoa on Closet Disclosure!

BAIASTICE means [for me and many more in SL] Class, Beauty, Fashion, Chic….

I am proud to blog some items from there! I couldn’t resist! All of Sissy Pessoa creations are to unbelievebly amazing! The textures are perfect, her sense of fashion is wonderfull, and trust me, if you go to a BAIASTICE store, for sure you end up loosing your mind!

I decided to wear BAIASTICE from head to toe:

.HAIR . * Baiastice-Moira hair attachment – Black

.OUTFIT . * Baiastice_Ivonne in Leather-green

.SHOES . Baiastice_Bow-back Ankle Boots-iguana

The shoes are NEW release from BAIASTICE, and comes in several colors, like Black, Bluesky, Brown Python, Choco Brown, Crotalus, Gold, Green, Iguana [the ones on the pic], pink, red, redrobot snake, Sadle Brown, Silver and white snow

Aren’t they fantastic?! See all the colors here!

Please fel free to visit BAIASTICE! You can see there much more than this!



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