Meet . E V A .

You girls might know I am frequently switching skin and jump from one to another… One day I came to my Second Life after RL work and I had this amazing surprise waiting for me, and this…. THIS is one to stay!

I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with EVA, the new skin release by GLAM AFFAIR!

The details are astounding, juicy lips are superb… I was speechless!

EVA comes with one neutral as base and 12 different make ups!

Five stunning skin tones are available, they are: Light, Natural, Med tan, Tan and Dark!

Are you in love for it as I am?

This is for sure one of the best skins released lately. Impossible not to love them! It’s sexy, its detailed, it’s sassy… it’s Glam, and worths every 1L$!

Our readers never go on taxi, so get your LIMO here: GLAM AFFAIR

[ I truly want to send my ‘thank you so much’ to Aida Ewing – Owner and Designer of Glam Affair, that kindly sent me the skins, and tell her I am truly honored and proud of wearing it! So for that THANKS AIDA ❤ ]

As always: ‘Less is more’




picture edition n’ model: Diconay Boa



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