Les Artistiques Collection by Lovely Mi

LovelyMiwako7399 Menna is an amazing storyteller! Her face tattoo makeups always tell a story.

With Les Artistiques Collection, you will be carried to a world of cirque type artistes, each with a story and each with a different personality.

I sat with Lovely and we talked about each one of these amazing cirque artists, portrayed in her makeup collection.

Meet Carnivaliste Autre : you have the choice of wearing only eye makeup, lip makeup or the full makeup.
According to Lovely, Carnivaliste Autre is a double faced artist,  she has a double personality; one is sweet, the other one is a piromaniac; you never know who you are dealing with …

Meet Cirque au Doll W

And her twin sister Tears’au Doll

Lovely says these two cirque artists are twin sisters, similar  and yet different; they are easily confused and they take turns in their “ventrilocuism” show.

Now, let’s meet La Mothe

According to Lovely, La Mothe is the mistress of all flying things, insects specially. Of course, moths are her specialty!

Here is Madame X

The tales continue. Lovely explains that Madame X is the lion tamer, mistress and dominant by nature; she is La Mothe’s mistress although no one seems to know…

Presenting now Ros’e Concubine

In the cirque,  Ros’e Concubine is an enchantress;  she can see the future and uses it to whatever she sees fit. All she needs is to touch someone!

And here she is Mime Arsenique

Lovely keeps explaining to me, Mime Arsenique is a deranged mime;  she is a killer and a seductress!

All these face tattoo makeups, truthfully mysterious and artistique are for sale here.

By the way, when you drop by, grab the makeups that are part of the Autumn Hunt.

Let’s go to the cirque of the deranged, really feel each character, their personalities, their art with the collection of tattoo face makeups by LovelyMiwako7399 Menna!

You must have Les Artistiques Collection!

I have it! I love it!

Always yours



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