The birth of a new closet

Closet Disclosure was born of a union between two friends who want to add a new perspective to the fashion world in Second Life.
Diconay Boa and Seashell Dench, both distinguished models represented by the best modeling agencies in SL, are joining forces for the fashion world and bring their own perspectives of fashion.

We want the fashion world to not be seen solely through the shops that we all know, and where everyone goes. We tried then to find shops completely unknown, promote them and above all, create a whole dynamic with regard to the creation of look through what is known as mix n ‘match. ” – Diconay Boa

‘We want this blog to bring some fresh and new views of fashion. Not only do we want to reflect what we are as people and fashionistas, but also show that the definition of style is quite elusive, as each one has its own. Regardless of whether or not cohesive, it is still a style. We want to show our own, using the unknown, sometimes more editorial, other times more classic or vintage, but for sure what you’ll see here is our own sense of style … ‘ – Seashell Dench

The concept is released and with all this we mean that Closet Disclosure was born not exactly to be “different”, but to be ourselves.
Enjoy 😉


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